Seminary Student Health Coverage Provided by Concordia Health Plan

Concordia Theological Seminary will be offering students the Concordia Health Plan (CHP), a health plan available through Concordia Plan Services. Concordia Plan Services and its Board of Directors understand that many seminary students have substantial financial constraints and they have worked diligently to make student coverage comprehensive and competitive for 2014-2015.

The following information will help guide you through the CHP enrollment process.

Returning students who are already enrolled in the CHP and are not making changes to their coverage do not need to complete a new Enrollment Form; their CHP coverage will continue. The following forms may be used for returning students who wish to make changes in their health coverage.

  • An Annual Open Enrollment Form—may be submitted by returning students who previously declined coverage for themselves or eligible dependents to enroll themselves or their dependents during the annual open enrollment period (August 1-September 15). Forms must be submitted to Lynne Beardsley, Dean of Students’ Office, by August 31, 2014 for coverage effective September 1.
  • A Special Enrollment Form—may be submitted to Lynne Beardsley any time during the year to enroll a student or a dependent who previously declined coverage in the CHP and has experienced a special enrollment qualifying event, such as the loss of other health coverage.

New students – All students who are beginning studies at the seminary are required to fill out the Seminary Student Enrollment Form. You must either enroll or opt out. You may opt-out of the plan based on the criteria set up by Concordia Health Plan.

A Seminary Student Enrollment Form—to be completed by all students enrolling in the CHP for the first time as well as any students that are returning (re-enrolling) after previously terminating their student status. Enrollment forms must be completed, signed, and returned to Lynne Beardsley, Dean of Students’ Office by July 1, 2014. Enrollment will be effective September 1, 2014.

All residential seminary students enrolled in at least seven credit hours, international students, as well as those participating in a foreign exchange program, internship, or vicarage are required to enroll in the Concordia Health Plan unless they qualify as “eligible opt-outs” according to CHP guidelines, as stated on the Enrollment Form. Eligible opt-outs must still return the form stating that they are declining health coverage due to one of the eligible reasons selected on page 3 of the Enrollment Form.

For your convenience, these materials and all forms are also available to view, download, and/or print by visiting Select “Student” from the “Who am I?” drop-down menu located on the left side of the home page and click on “Seminary Students.” You will also find a Request for Membership Change Form on this page; the form can also be used to enroll newly acquired dependents (e.g. through marriage or birth), update personal information, or drop a dependent’s coverage. Please review form for specific instructions.

Forms may be faxed to 260-452-2257 or mailed to the address below:

Concordia Theological Seminary
Dean of Students’ Office
Attn: Kathryn Quill
6600 N. Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46825


If you have any questions about your benefits through the CHP, please contact Concordia Plan Services toll-free at 888-927-7526 or by e-mail at Questions about eligibility, billing, and payment should be directed to the seminary at 260-452-2157.

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