Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

Preaching Workshop

2019 Advent Preaching Workshop

November 12, 2019

Advent with the Apostles’ Creed
Instructor: Rev. Prof. John Pless

Advent proclaims the coming of the Lord. Each of the three midweek services will be devoted to the three articles of the Apostles’ Creed along with Luther’s explanations in the Catechism. The sermons will also utilize materials from The Small Catechism: A Manual for Discipleship by John T. Pless (CPH, 2019). The sermons will examine each of the articles of the creed through the lens of the central themes of the Advent season.

  • Midweek Service I: Out of His Fatherly, Divine Goodness and Mercy
  • Midweek II: That I May Be His Own and Live Under Him in His Kingdom
  • Midweek III: Sanctified and Kept in the True Faith


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2020 Lenten Preaching Workshop

January 20, 2020

Christ’s Work of Creation and Re-Creation
Instructor: Dr. Don Wiley

This workshop will explore some of the parallelism between the days of creation and the events of Holy Week, with a view to Christocentric, Gospel-directed Lenten and Holy Week preaching from Ash Wednesday through Resurrection Sunday.