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Continuing Education

2018 Season

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2018 Continuing Education Flyer

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Kara J. Mertz
Administrative Assistant
Continuing Education


Denver, Colorado

The Gospel of Mark: The Mystery of Jesus

Dr. Peter J. Scaer
August 20–24, 2018

The Gospel of Mark is perhaps the most intriguing and mysterious of the Gospels. Again and again, Jesus, like a roaring lion, confounds our expectations. More than any Gospel, Mark emphasizes a theology of the cross in which Jesus’ true nature is known only in His suffering. We will also show how Mark has a profound understanding of the Sacraments which flow from Jesus Himself. (3.0 CEU)

Pensacola, Florida

Life of Children in the Church: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Dr. David P. Scaer
November 14–16, 2018

At the center of this course are a collection of essays published under the title Infants and Children in the Church: Five Views on Theology and Ministry (B & H Academic, Nashville, Tennessee, 2017). The instructor and theologians from Orthodox, Catholic, Reformed and Baptist traditions present their doctrines and practices regarding children. A similar collection of essays dealing with the Lord’s Supper can be consulted in Four Views on the Lord’s Supper (Zondervan, 2008). Participants are encouraged to read in the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series the instructor’s Baptism and The Law and the Gospel and the Means of Grace.
The instructor’s bibliography, of which some is online at www.ctsfw.edu/dr-david-scaer, will provide additional opportunities for discussion. (1.5 CEU)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Access to Heaven on Earth in the Divine Service: The Theology of Worship in Hebrews

Dr. John W. Kleinig
September 10–12, 2018

This course serves as an introduction to my commentary on Hebrews published by Concordia Publishing House this year. In this course we will explore the theology of worship in this letter. The following topics will be examined:

  • the contrast between the divine service in the old covenant and the new covenant;
  • the role of Jesus as our high priest and our sin offering;
  • our entry into the heavenly place of rest by hearing the voice of the living God;
  • our access to the heavenly sanctuary through the body and blood of Jesus;
  • our purification and sanctification by Jesus in the divine service;
  • our participation with the angels in the heavenly liturgy; and
  • the presentation of God-pleasing offerings through Jesus.
The main focus will be on the practical relevance of this teaching to what is done and taught, given and received in the divine service. (CEU 1.5)

Almena, Wisconsin

The Devotional Use of Psalms

Dr. John W. Kleinig
August 28–30, 2018

In the Early Church and much of the history of the church Christians practiced meditation by singing or saying the psalms and reflecting on them in the light of their experience of life. Psalm 1, which introduces the whole Psalter, shows us that the psalms were produced by daily meditation on God’s Word. They, in turn, were used to teach God’s people to meditate on God’s word christologically and effectively in all circumstances but most of all in trouble. Psalm 2, a prophetic royal psalm, shows us that they help us to take refuge in God’s Son, for we speak the psalms of David together with Jesus. Since they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, they inspire us with the Holy Spirit. This course will consider how to use the psalms as a handbook for meditation in reflection and petitionary prayer, self-instruction and confession, thanksgiving and praise. (1.5 CEU)