Fall Conferences, Retreats and Campus Visits at CTS

FORT WAYNE, IN (CTS)—As the summer days begin to wind down it’s time to make plans to attend one or more of the conferences, retreats and campus visits available this fall at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne.

Lutheranism & the Classics II: Reading the Church Fathers will take place on the CTS campus September 28–29, 2012. The conference features three plenary papers, a banquet address and 20 sectional presenters on the Reformation-era reception of the Latin/Greek fathers, classical authors, ancient Christian hymnody, cultivation of neo-Latin and pedagogy. Latin will be used in three worship settings. The conference celebrates Lutheranism’s engagement with the church’s greatest teachers of the past and their value for the propagation of the faith to present and future generations. For more information go to www.ctsfw.edu/Classics or phone 260-452-2204.

The fall Prayerfully Consider Campus Visit will take place October 11–13, 2012. Men considering the pastoral ministry and women contemplating service as a deaconess have many questions. To receive answers to those questions prospective students are invited to immerse themselves in the seminary community. There will be time to sit in on classes, meet with faculty and students, learn about financial aid options and just get to know the Fort Wayne area. All on-campus meals and housing are provided free of charge. To learn more, go to www.ctsfw.edu/PCV or phone 800-481-2155 to talk with a member of the CTS Admission staff.

College-aged men and women interested in the vocations of pastor or deaconess have a special visit opportunity. Christ Academy College/Phoebe Academy College takes place on the CTS campus October 18–21, 2012. The event provides undergraduate men and women a unique opportunity to experience what Concordia Theological Seminary has to offer. For a few days you will become a part of the seminary community and experience seminary life. Come sit in on classes, get to know professors and students, and worship with the seminary community. This event is free of charge and includes on-campus housing and meals. For more information go to www.ctsfw.edu/CAC, e-mail Admission@ctsfw.edu or phone 800-481-2155.

Our fall Confirmation Retreat, for students currently taking confirmation instruction, takes place October 26–28, 2012, under the theme
The Sixth Commandment: Untangling of the Mess of Love and Dating in Today's World.
Let’s be honest: love is difficult. We use the word in so many different ways that it’s confusing. I love cheeseburgers. I love my parents. I love my dog. I love my wife. These are all love, but they’re all completely different. With all the different voices in our culture it’s easy to become confused and to live out our relationships in destructive ways. But what does the Bible say about love, dating and marriage? What does true love look like? Can marriage really last? How does keeping God’s commands help us build a relationship to last a lifetime? What on earth are boys thinking, anyway? Join us in October as we explore the answers to these questions and more through God’s Word and the Catechism.
Retreat Leader: Rev. Bill Johnson, Concordia Theological Seminary (and Dad to three daughters)
Cost: $110/person (includes on-campus lodging and meals)
To register or for more information call 260-452-2204 or e-mail Retreats@ctsfw.edu.

The Good Shepherd Institute provides scholarly, theological and practical resources of pastoral theology and sacred music for the church. This year’s conference, Shepherd of Tender Youth: Connecting Postmoderns to Christ, will take place on the seminary campus November 4–6, 2012. Highlights include a presentation by Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, several music events and the Advent Preaching Workshop led by Dr. Dean O. Wenthe, Professor of Exegetical Theology and President Emeritus of CTS. For more information go to www.ctsfw.edu/GSI, e-mail Music@ctsfw.edu or phone 260-452-2224.