Scholars, Theologians and Clergy to Gather for
2014 Symposia Series

FORT WAYNE, IN (CTS)—January brings the beginning of a new year, as well as Symposia Series 2014 at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. The annual series takes place January 21–24. A Lenten preaching workshop, led by Prof. John Pless, assistant professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at CTS, will precede the symposia on Monday, January 20. For schedule, speaker biographies, online registration and info on the Livestream video option, go to

The theme for the 29th annual Exegetical Theology Symposium, January 21–22, is “Where Does God Dwell?—A Real Presence Hermeneutics.” Presenters and topics include:

  • Dr. Gary Anderson, University of Notre Dame, “To See Where God Dwells: The Tabernacle, the Temple and the Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition”;
  • Dr. Daniel Gard, CTS, “Creation, Fall and the Presence of Christ: An Examination of Genesis 4:1”;
  • Dr. Walter Maier III, CTS, “The Divine Presence Within the Cloud”;
  • Prof. Jeffrey Pulse, CTS, “Ascending to God: The Cosmology of Worship in the Old Testament”;
  • Dr. Peter Scaer, CTS, “The Bread from Heaven, the Bread of Presence: Reflections on the Interplay of Forgiveness and Communion”;
  • Dr. Dean Wenthe, CTS, “More than Words: Jeremiah’s Sacramental Richness”

The 37th annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions has chosen “Lutheran Distinctives in an Age of Religious Change” as its theme and will take place January 22–24, under the sponsorship of the Department of Systematic Theology. Presenters and topics include:

  • Dr. Gerhard Bode, Jr., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo., “The Missouri Synod and the Historical Question of Unionism and Syncretism”;
  • Dr. Gifford Grobien, CTS, “Where Is the Wise Turk? The Cultural Conscience and Christian Morality”;
  • Dr. Rune Imberg, Lutheran School of Theology, Gothenburg, Sweden, “A Light Shining in a Dark Place: How Long Can a Confessional Voice Be Heard in a Lutheran State Church?”;
  • Dr. Naomichi Masaki, CTS, “Cultural Differences and Church Fellowship”;
  • Dr. Steven Paulson, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., “The Gospel and Other Gospels”;
  • Dr. Lawrence Rast Jr., CTS, “Lutheranism Submerged in Culture”;
  • Dr. David Scaer, CTS, “Lutheran Distinctives as Theological Substitutes”;
  • Dr. J. Larry Yoder, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, N.C., “NALC as ELCA Alternative”;
  • Prof. Roland Ziegler, CTS, “Doctrinal Unity and Church Fellowship”