Personal Growth

To be called by the church to serve as a pastor is a tremendous privilege which brings a multitude of blessings and joys. Of course, the office of pastor also carries with it a number of intense responsibilities which can easily turn into burdens. It is extremely important, therefore, that seminarians be well prepared for the challenges that face them as they seek to serve Christ and His church in today's world.

In addition, there are a number of personal characteristics which a man must demonstrate to be considered qualified for the pastoral office (I Timothy 3 and Titus 1) in order that he might effectively handle the unique ministry challenges that today's pastor encounters. Therefore, our seminaries and our synod are concerned that certain personal characteristics of potential pastors do not get in the way of or hinder the Gospel message.

It is with this in mind that the Board for Higher Education of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod was directed to establish the position of Advisor on Personal Growth and Leadership who administers the Personal Growth and Leadership Toward Ministry Program.

The Personal Growth and Leadership Program provides students with the opportunity to assess their strengths and potential growth areas. Students consult with the Advisor on Personal Growth and Leadership regarding strategies and resources to assist them in refining their pastoral skills and remediate potential obstacles to effective ministry. Each student develops and implements a personal growth program designed to meet his personal and professional needs.

Resources available from the Personal Growth and Leadership Program include meetings with the Advisor on Personal Growth and Leadership, assessment instruments, individual interviews, and personal growth and leadership groups.

Personal Growth Department

Augustine Hall - Offices D-11 and D-12

First Year

  • 16 Personality Factors (16 PF) Assessment Instrument.

    To be completed by each student at orientation,
  • DiSC assessment

    This will be taken via the internet during the second quarter in Personal Growth Office.
  • Assignment

    Use the results of the 16PF and the DiSC along with the Personal Formation Plan to set field education goals for the next twelve months. Make copy of goals for future reference.
  • Interview I

    The student will discuss his assignment, Personal Formation Plan and goals with Dr. Davis.

Second Year

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    Complete this or a similar assessment instrument.
  • Interview II

    Discuss progress made on goals established during first year.
  • Assignment

    Develop personal growth goals for Vicarage.


  • Vicarage Evaluation Form

    To be completed by each student in the ninth or tenth month of vicarage. (This form will also be completed by the supervising pastor and selected church members.)

Fourth Year

  • Interview III

    Discussion of Vicarage Evaluation Form results and interpretation.
  • Assignment

    Report on personal growth and future goals.
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