Organist Workshops



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Primer Level for Organists and Service Playing for Pianists

June 16–20, 2014

Organist instructor: Kantor Kevin Hildebrand
Theology instructor: Kantor Richard Resch

This dual-track workshop is intended for novice organists as well as musicians who play pianos or electronic keyboards for worship services. Organists who have had little or no formal training, who have been drafted into playing the organ, who do not play pedals or use only one foot are ideal candidates. Pianists who play for worship will learn more about how to lead congregational singing of hymns and liturgy from the piano.

All students will have group classes in theology and hymnody with Kantor Resch. Pianists and organists will meet separately with Kantor Hildebrand and Dr. Grime to learn more about service playing on their respective instruments.

Level II for Organists and Choral Track

June 23–27, 2014

Organist instructor: Kantor Kevin Hildebrand
Theology instructor: Dr. Gifford Grobien

For intermediate-level organists who have completed Level I and choral directors wishing to study the Lutheran Theology of Worship and choral fundamentals, with emphasis on making choices for the Lutheran service. Dr. Gifford Grobien will conduct a daily session on the theology of worship. Kantor Hildebrand will lead sessions on the playing of hymns, liturgy, intonations, chorale preludes and the leading of challenging hymns. Kantor Richard Resch will lead sessions on choral literature and the art of conducting.