Dear Parents,

As a 15-year-old youth, I didn’t have much education in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod besides confirmation. No one in my family was a pastor; no one was a church worker. I had great respect for my pastor and a deep love for the Word of God, but I didn’t know what kind of education my pastor had, where he studied, or what he did in day to day parish work. I didn’t know what ‘being a pastor’ was all about.

Then I attended Christ Academy—High School in 2000. The Academy not only afforded me clarity of direction by explaining the process of higher education in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, but it gave me peace in knowing that this was the vocation I would begin to pursue with all my heart and mind. Moreover, many of the friendships forged over those two weeks in 2000 are still going strong.

Many of our students have never been away from home for two weeks. And yes, your child might be timid at first. However, after a short time within the fellowship of his peers, led by the guidance of our professional staff of ordained pastors and professors, he will be comfortable and his excitement for the event will grow.

I cannot promise that your son will come away from Christ Academy with the same clarity of direction I had, however, it will give your son an occasion to reflect on the meaning and purpose of the Holy Ministry. The weeks will introduce him to his faith in such a deep and enriching way, as well as introduce him to other Christian young men from all over the country. This is an experience he will not soon forget. So we welcome your sons to our seminary. Please call me and I would be glad to discuss our mission with you!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Andrew Yeager


Dear Pastors,

Christ Academy—High School is designed to form youths in partnership with the formation given in the home congregation, by the local pastor. We cannot recruit future pastors without your help – it takes the eyes of wisdom from the men of God put on the front lines to name and raise up men for the Holy Ministry. It is our desire to work alongside you to build up the youth in your congregation, to strengthen their Lutheran faith convictions, and prepare them for the Holy Ministry.

Your devotion and time spent with these young men is the beginning of their journey to the seminary. That is why the application process for Christ Academy—High School starts with you. We are asking for you to endorse the young men coming from your congregation to Christ Academy and if possible, to help raise the funds needed to get these young men here.

Feel free to give us the names and contacts of any young men you would like us to contact.

May the Lord bless and preserve our mutual service to the benefit of His Kingdom!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Andrew Yeager