Kenya Hymnal Project

Project Costs

Pastors discuss the hymnal at a convention in Matongo

The Hymnal Commission has struggled to keep costs at an absolute minimum throughout the process. Nevertheless, there still are costs for translators, travel, design, layout, printing and training workshops. You may wonder why there would be costs for a training workshop that in the U.S. would normally be self-supporting? The reality is that all expenses of travel, room and board for each participant have to be covered by the organizers of workshops or there would be no one in attendance. This is true for workshops in advance of publication that “set the stage,” and for post-publication workshops that train pastors and musicians in how to use their new hymnal.

Each hymnal costs about $4.00 U.S. to produce. However, Kenyans would not be able to afford this, as it is difficult even to feed and clothe their families. Yet the Commission believes that is not wise to simply give the hymnal to them for free. This is because it is always healthy for congregations and individuals to invest themselves in some way in a resource of this importance, one that will eventually define them.

Because of the generosity of many people, the Kenyans will pay the equivalent of $1.00 U.S., and the other $3.00 has been underwritten.