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Ireland - November 2014


Many folks of Irish decent will say, “You haven’t lived until you have visited Ireland." The countryside is so beautiful and one can’t know what the colors blue and green are until they are seen in the blue of the magnificent seascapes and lakes and the green of the glens and mountainsides. The quaint thatched roof cottages, the winding roads and the hedgerows are captivating to behold.

Perhaps more important than these sights are the Irish people. They are so friendly and welcoming. Hearty meals and great conversations will be long remembered. There is so much to explore and learn about the country which the Irish call “just a bit of heaven."

We invite you to join CTS Tours for this journey to the Emerald Isle. Study the brochure then complete the form and send it with your deposit as soon as possible. Who knows, you may even get to kiss the Blarney Stone!

For more information, please contact CTS Tours at ctstours@ctsfw.edu or 877-287-4338.

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