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Good Shepherd Institute 2020

November 8–10, 2020

In these days when planning is often limited to days and weeks rather than months, we are, nevertheless, happy to plan for our annual conference, this year on November 8-10. Given the times, the conference will be modified, with a slightly abbreviated schedule and a limited attendance to allow greater physical distancing. While we won’t have a balcony packed full of musicians, our services will be rich and varied, demonstrating how congregations can cope in these extraordinary times, all the while being refreshed and served by Christ and His gifts. Please consider joining us.

Yes, a small, modified, in-person conference is scheduled!

  • Attendance is limited.
  • Plenaries and events in Kramer Chapel livestreamed
  • Register for the livestream
  • We are offering reduced registration fees.

Download brochure here for complete schedule and details.