100% Tuition Grant

The 100% Tuition Grant covers 100% of tuition for residential pastoral and residential diaconal formation students by partnering CTSFW funds generously given to the Seminary by congregations, church groups, and individuals alongside financial support from districts and outside scholarships. The grant works as follows:

  1. The Seminary covers up to 77.5% of tuition for all pastoral and diaconal formation residential students as the first payer of tuition expense. Distance deaconess students can also receive up to 77.5% of tuition based on their financial need, although they are not included in the 100% tuition program.
  2. LCMS District Aid and outside scholarships are then applied to tuition. For some students, this will be enough to cover their tuition in full. Any extra goes towards other expenses, like books, room, board, etc.
  3. For those residential students whose district aid and outside scholarships are not able to fully meet tuition costs, the 100% Tuition Grant then covers the rest of tuition.

Even after 100% of tuition is met, students still receive additional financial support to help cover the other expenses of Seminary. Student Adoptions, congregational support, and donated provisions from the Food & Clothing Co-op (which typically covers 90% of a family’s grocery costs and nearly–if not all–of clothing and even other household item needs) are added on top of this 100% Tuition Guarantee, to help seminarians, diaconal students, and their families meet their physical needs.