Lenten Preaching Workshop - Promised Treasures

About: Moses waited 40 years for the Promised Land. Today, you too wait to be brought to your real home—heaven—where you will enter your eternal Promised Land. Through this year’s Lent and Easter Worship Series theme, Promised Treasures, you will meditate on different physical items each week to reveal God’s eternal love for you in Christ. You will take a weekly journey to see, smell, touch, and taste various Biblical elements—including ashes, salt, water, palms, wood, and fragrant oil—and reflect on them as you repent, find strength in Christ’s cross, and wait for His glorious resurrection. Hearers who live in an anxious and sinful world will find memorable footholds for renewed hope and comfort as they journey through life and await the life to come in heaven.

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Tim Puls

Fee: $40 per person; includes lunch, samples of the Promised Treasures Daily Devotions and the Lent and Easter Family Calendar, along with selected print materials

Recommended: Promised Treasures Resources for Lent–Easter Preaching and Worship— Digital Edition, with sermons, children’s messages, Bible studies, and worship resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, is available for purchase from the CPH website (cph.org) for $49.99. Available starting November 15. The coordinating print pieces, Daily Devotions and the Lent and Easter Family Calendar, are also available to purchase from CPH and you can find links to those resources further down this page.

Location: Luther Hall

Questions? Email Symposia@ctsfw.edu or call (260) 452-2204.