CTSFW Campus Visit for College Students Interested in Becoming a Pastor or Deaconess

Prospective students focus on a speaker during Christ Academy College and Phoebe Academy College.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTSFW)— For those undergraduates who are considering training in either pastoral ministry or diakonal service, Christ Academy College (for men) and Phoebe Academy College (for women) offer a firsthand experience of how Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), Fort Wayne, forms its students in accord with a confessional Lutheran identity. The four-day event, taking place November 2–5, immerses young men and women in the classes, worship and day-to-day life which shapes pastors faithful to the Holy Scriptures and deaconesses who are equipped to share God’s love and mercy through diakonal service.

The opportunity also affords students time for fellowship with their fellow brothers and sisters considering vocations in church work, and to meet those already at the Seminary either as seminarians or faculty. “The most memorable experience for me,” a participant from a prior year stated, “was being able to meet the professors and having time to wrestle with theological questions.”

There is no charge for this event, which includes both housing and meals. Christ Academy College/Phoebe Academy College also offers limited reimbursement for travel as available, though you will need to inquire with the Admission Office for details. For additional information and to register online, go to www.ctsfw.edu/CAC. To connect with a member of the CTSFW Admission staff, email Admission@ctsfw.edu or call the Admission Office at 800.481.2155.