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Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rev. Dr. Robert D. Macina

Risen Christ Lutheran Church
Arvada, Colorado



The Divine Service in the Old Testament

October 18, 2021-October 22, 2021

Was there a liturgy in the Old Testament? Was there preaching? Were there
sacraments? Was the service Law or Gospel? Was Christ present? Was the
Trinity worshiped? Is there a relation between the service in the Old
Testament and our divine service today? This course investigates these and
other questions as we examine the Pentateuch and other Scriptures to
determine the divine institution, practical order, ritual function, and
theological purpose of God’s service in the Old Testament.

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Concordia Theological Seminary
6600 N Clinton St.
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*Exodus 24-40.*

*Leviticus 1-10; 16-17; 21-24.*

*Numbers 3-4; 6:22-27; 8-10; 18; 28-29*

*Kleinig, John W. The Glory and the Service: Worship in the Old
Testament. Fort Wayne, IN: Concordia Theological Seminary Press, 2003.*

*Macina, Robert D. The LORD’s Service: A Ritual Analysis of the Order,
Function, and Purpose of the Daily Divine Service in the
Pentateuch. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2019. *