Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

Lakewood, Washington

Dr. Carl C. Fickenscher II

  • Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions
  • Chairman, Pastoral Ministry and Missions Department
  • Director of Pastoral Formation Programs


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Rev Paul Edward Zeigler
Phone: 253.584.2565
Email: pastor@poplakewood.org

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LeeAnna Rondot
(260) 452-2204

Course Objectives

Through pre-course assignments, limited lecture and extensive discussion, and practical application (including personal and group critique), the participant will

  1. Review and re-examine his personal process and routine for developing and delivering the weekly sermon,
  2. Learn the value and the technique of developing a mental matrix for each sermon, including various matrices for different sermon forms,
  3. Understand the concept of delivering a sermon by “thinking in thoughts” and begin to gain experience in using the technique,
  4. Further develop his skill in discovering and communicating the unique aspects of Law and Gospel in particular texts and for particular situations,
  5. Progress in the full range of fundamental skills of sermon preparation,
  6. Progress in the full range of skills of sermon delivery, and
  7. Gain further confidence and comfort in giving and receiving critique of preaching among brother pastors and thus enhance the camaraderie among the brethren.

Units of Instruction

  1. Looking again at my preaching: The Process
  2. Looking again at Law and Gospel: Unmined Diamonds
  3. Looking again at sermon form: The Mental Matrix
  4. Looking again at sermon delivery: Thinking in Thoughts
  5. Listening again and again to preaching: Lots of Participant Sermons

Pre-class Assignments

  1. ONE SERMON in full manuscript form to be shared with the class. This sermon should be one that the participant has prepared and delivered in a congregational setting within the month prior to the course. Ideally it will be a sermon that is typical of his preaching, rather than one written specifically to be creative or provocative for the workshop. Just give us what you normally do.
  2. A VIDEO RECORDING of the above sermon. If possible, please record the live delivery of the sermon to your congregation. (A “studio” recording will suffice if necessary, but the “real thing” will be more interesting for us.) Try to frame the camera as close up as possible while still showing a full view of the pulpit. We want to see every little expression of your face, every move of the hand, etc. . . . and we all promise to be gentle!!!

Class Assignments

  1. PREACH AND/OR SHOW THE VIDEO of your sermon to the class. Some of you will be privileged to deliver live and in person for us. For some of you, we’ll even offer the chance of a lifetime—to have the gang work you through the delivery step by step from the video. We probably won’t have time for everyone, but you’ll surely want to be first in line to volunteer!
  2. A PRIVATE VIDEO VIEWING. Some of you who don’t get to deliver live will have the opportunity (Really, it won’t hurt at all!) to have Dr. Fickenscher talk through your video with you one-on-one. We’ll focus on delivery techniques and offer practical suggestions.