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Dr. K. Detlev Schulz

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Apologetics for the 21st Century

July 27, 2020-July 29, 2020

For as long as humans have existed they have attempted to answer these questions: what is so special about us humans? From where do we originate and what distinguishes us from the rest of creation? What are we made up of? What is our purpose and destiny in life? Philosophers, Christian theologians, anthropologists, and scientists all have something to say. We will address these important questions from a biblical and theological perspective. Some topics will include:

The origin of man
The status of man within creation
Luther and his “Disputation on Man” (1536)
The image of God and its implications for today
Dualism: soul and body
The battle of spirit and flesh
The dialogical relationship with God and with the rest of creation
Contemporary discussions on man’s origin and destiny

Course Location

Ascension Lutheran Church
610 W. Old Hickory Blvd.
Madison, TN 37115

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