Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Reforming Your Preaching—Paul Grime

Whether you’ve preached for three years or 30, there’s always room for improvement. We will consider the aspect of perspective when considering a biblical text and how that might translate into something of a reformation in preaching.

The Artwork of Albrecht Dürer—Carolyn Brinkley

Like so many examples of good art, the work of 16th-century artist Albrecht Dürer provides more than initially meets the eye, both visually and theologically.

Strategic Planning for Choir Directors—Tim Fredstrom

How do you begin teaching a choral composition to your singers? This sectional will show how choral directors can strategically plan for maximum achievement.

Tour of Art Exhibit—John Hrehov and Sara Nordling

Spend some time on a guided tour of the art exhibition to discover further details and insight about each work.

Your Fingers Don’t Breathe: Tempo and Phrasing for Organists—Kevin Hildebrand

What can the organist do—and avoid—to establish and maintain healthy tempi and phrasing to encourage congregational singing?

Unsung Heroes of Lutheran Church Music: Schütz and Friends—Peter Reske

Before there was a J.S. Bach, there was Heinrich Schütz, Johann Walter, and other Lutheran kantors. This sectional will review or introduce some of these men and their music to today’s Church.

Now Again, with Feeling: How Do You Make Your Keyboard Practice Practical—Matthew Machemer

What actually fills the precious minutes of keyboard practice time? Get some practical ideas from colleagues about how to practice more effectively and efficiently.

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