Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

Musician Workshop 2020

Musician Workshops 2020

This summer learning course for organists and pianists is split into two, five-day workshops based on skill level. They are: 

Basic Level Organists and Service Playing for Pianists, June 15–19

Skill Level: Students should be able to read and play both treble and bass clefs simultaneously, though it is expected that students have to practice new music slowly before becoming comfortable with it, have little experience in leading congregational singing, lack confidence in counting, and rarely play the pedals.

Courses: Students will learn how the organ works, how to choose appropriate registrations, how to play the pedals with both feet, and how to lead hymn and liturgy singing through effective playing. Pianists will learn the same concepts on the piano.

Intermediate & Advanced Level Organists, June 22–26

Skill Level: Intermediate and advanced students should be able to play adequately the first time through a new piece (or sight read easily), have some experience and a fair amount of confidence in playing (though intermediate students may occasionally feel uncomfortable), understand rhythm even if you occasionally have some trouble playing correctly consistently, and can play the pedals either with just the left or with both feet.

Courses: Workshop topics will include creative hymn introductions, making informed choices about organ repertoire, and strategies for leading challenging hymns. At this level, instruction is customized to the abilities of each student.

Financial Assistance Form

Financial awards are available for participants who are age 25 and younger, and/or who are traveling 200 or more miles to Fort Wayne. The application form is available here.


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