DMin Admission Process

  1. Submit two sermons representative of preaching interest and style.
  2. Submit a brief case study of a specific situation in ministry.
  3. Submit a personal statement of 3-5 single-spaced typewritten pages describing pastoral experience.
  4. Send official transcripts of all previous college and seminary work.
  5. Request evaluations from the following individuals:
    1. an ecclesiastical supervisor;
    2. another pastor;
    3. another person, layman or clergy, who is able to evaluate pastoral performance;
    4. the presiding officer of the church council or a member of the church council.
  6. Request a statement from their church council (or executive agency) stating its willingness to do the following:
    1. encourage the applicant in the degree program;
    2. provide time to carry out the program;
    3. cooperate in that part of the program which affects the congregation or agency.
  7. Provide a statement indicating financial resources for carrying out the program.
  8. Include a statement that they are committed to work toward completion of the program outlined.
  9. Submit a current photograph.
  10. Remit the $35 application fee.
  11. Students whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate English proficiency by means of a standardized English examination prior to their taking DMin course work. In the DMin cycles for our non-English speaking students, this requirement is not necessary since language interpretation is practiced.

DMin Admission Requirements

  1. At least three years of pastoral experience, preferably five. Exceptions may be determined by the Committee on Graduate Studies, based upon the applicant’s academic transcript and review of his sermons, case study and statement of pastoral experience.
  2. The Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited seminary.
  3. Ideally, service in their current ministry for the duration of the program. A change in the place of ministry would likely affect the length of time that must be devoted to the program.