Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN


Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

One concern for many of our future students is the cost of seminary education. At CTSFW we’re aware of the strain that student loan debt can place on our graduates and we’re working with districts, congregations and Synod to solve that problem. One piece of that solution is doing everything we can to keep costs low, make sure you’re getting value for your money and find the best sources of financial aid to care for you and your family. If you have questions, please contact our admission department at admission@ctsfw.edu

(All numbers are current as of the academic year.)

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The costs for Concordia Health Plan for 12 months are:

  • Student only: $3,006
  • Student and spouse: $6,954
  • Student and children: $6,654
  • Student, spouse and children: $10,590

The average for CTSFW students last year was $2,700 for the first child and $1,500 per additional child. Most students with more than two children find alternatives to paid childcare to offset cost. If you have alternate plans, please fill in the costs (if any) here.


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Tuition Costs

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Tuition Costs for this Year


Seminary Tuition Grant

Seminary Tuition Grant Percentage
Based on the EFC you provided, you qualify for less than % of the CTSFW Seminary Tuition Grant. This number is lower than we want it to be, but it appears you may qualify for the CTSFW minimum tuition grant. To apply for the CTSFW minimum tuition grant, download the application form and submit by email to finaid@ctsfw.edu, by FAX to 260-452-2257 or by US mail.
Apply for Minimum Tuition Grant
Tuition Grant Amount
Tuition Remaining After Grant


Other Costs

Seminary Fees
Loan Fees
Housing and Food
Books and Supplies
Health Insurance
Other Personal Expenses
Childcare Expenses
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Other Aid

Source of Aid CTSFW
Student Adoption
Home Congregation Support
CUS/Valparaiso Grad Award
Full Time Church Worker Grant
Outside Scholarships
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Summary of Total Cost to You

Other Costs
Total Cost Per Year
Seminary Tuition Grant
Other Aid
Remaining Cost to You After Aid


Full Program Costs

Year One
Year Two
Remaining Credits Credits remaining to finish your degree, if any.
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