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Student Adoption

We exist to serve the body of Christ, and our students are preparing to devote their lives to that same mission. When they finish their studies, they’ll go into the world equipped with God’s Word and the knowledge they have gained to strengthen and serve His body, the Church.

However, when these future church workers move their families to begin their seminary studies, they leave behind family and friends, as well as their financial security. Many end up borrowing and incur debt as they pursue the vocation of pastor or deaconess. To help ease this burden our future servants face, the Financial Aid Office has established the Student Adoption Program to help connect donors directly with students in need.

There are two ways to give to Student Adoptions. The first is to sponsor a specific student, whom you will support with monthly, quarterly or yearly donations. You can request a specific student by name, choose one per a particular program (pastoral or diakonal) or leave it up to Financial Aid to pair you with a needy student. Your gift will go only to that student and you can expect thank you letters in return. To adopt a student, please complete this form online.

The second option allows you to donate either a recurring or a one-time donation to our care fund. While your money will still go directly to a student in need, it will be pooled with other donations and disbursed on a case-by-case situation. Though this giving option does not allow the close relationship of regular student adoptions, the flexibility of the fund allows our Financial Aid Office to give to those who have the most need, when they most need it. To sign up for recurring monthly donations or to make a one time gift, fill out the form here.

By participating in the CTSFW Student Adoption Program you will not only gain first-hand awareness of the realities and struggles of our students, but you’ll help offset some part of their expenses, enabling them to focus more fully on the studies to which God has called them. Your support will encourage and sustain them throughout their seminary journey.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 260.452.2167 or by email at StudentAdoption@ctsfw.edu.

Thank you

Hear the stories of how your student adoption gifts have helped our students in their times of need.