Kantorei Releases New Album

Cover of the 2019 Kantorei CD Oh, Praise Our God

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTSFW)—The Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTSFW), Kantorei has released a new album, “Oh, Praise Our God,” available as a CD or for digital download. This is the first recording of the seminary Kantorei in six years, featuring music that represents several seasons of the Church Year, hymn settings, psalms, classic favorites, and new compositions written expressly for the Kantorei.

“Part of the Kantorei’s objective is to represent the Seminary and proclaim the truth of God’s Gospel in the rich variety of the Church’s song,” stated Kantor Kevin Hildebrand, director of the Kantorei. “Since its founding by Kantor Resch forty years ago, that’s what has defined us, and this recording continues that tradition.”

The CD is available for purchase at the CTSFW Bookstore, or you can order a copy online at https://bookstore.ctsfw.edu/oh-praise-our-god-cd-kantorei.

For questions, email Music@ctsfw.edu or call (260) 452-2224.