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Seminary Guild

Seminary Guild

The mission of the Concordia Theological Seminary Guild is to serve God by communicating the needs and encouraging the support of the seminary and its students. God’s grace enables us to pray, to encourage men and women in our LCMS congregations for the ministry and the deaconess program, and to support the Seminary by providing for its spiritual and physical needs.

Women served Christ in many ways during his time on earth, and their service has continued in the Church to this day. The needs have changed, as have the methods of caring for God’s servants, but the mission has not. We support men and women preparing for the pastoral and diaconal ministry, as well as the worldwide vision of CTSFW to equip servants for the church around the globe.

We are women of a variety of ages and backgrounds who work together to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of CTSFW’s students in a number of ways. Women from over 20 congregations in the Fort Wayne area and many women and organizations from around the country are represented in the Guild. By combining our efforts we can make a greater impact on these future servants of Jesus Christ who will teach the faithful, reach the lost and care for all.


President Phyllis Thieme
Email: SemGuild@ctsfw.edu
Phone: (260) 485-0209

Ongoing Projects

Birthday Celebrations

In order to celebrate each dorm students’ birthday, they receive a skillet cookie from the dining hall at the beginning of their birthday month. A special birthday greeting is also given to them from the Seminary Guild.

Brain Food

During Finals Week of each quarter, snacks are provided by Guild members for the coffee break that takes place after morning chapel service.

Welcoming New Babies

A t-shirt and booties are given to all new babies born to our students.

Cookies and More…

Receptions are hosted throughout the academic year including after the Vicarage Placement and Deaconess Internment Placement, Call Service and Graduation.
At the end of every academic year, a gift is given to the wife of each graduate and to each deaconess graduate. And funds are donated to various student groups on campus.

Legacy Project

The Legacy Project provides every new diaconal and pastoral student with a copy of the “Pastoral Care Companion,” given to them on the day they receive their fieldwork assignment. Though the book has “Pastoral” in the title, it is appropriate for both male and female church workers as it contains prayers, readings, hymns, and liturgy that guide those caring for individuals in times of both celebration and distress.

Rev. Prof. Gary Zieroth, Dean of Students, (far right) distributed a Pastoral Care Companion to nine Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) students and one Colloquy student on September 24, 2020 in the Wyneken 13 classroom.
Please note the symbol of Jonah and the Great Fish on the wall.
Now the word of the LORD came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, “Arise, go.”
What a great joy to give this year’s SMP Cohort a copy of the Pastoral Care Companion as they prepare to “go” and serve God’s people!

Rev. Prof. Adam Koontz, Director of Field Education, and Lorinda Matter, Admin. Assistant of Contextual Education, distributed a Pastoral Care Companion to 51 new fieldworkers on September 28, 2020 in Sihler Auditorium. The group included 47 seminarians and 4 deaconess students.

Donation Day

Information about donation day can be found HERE.

Become A Member

The Guild membership is open to women and to any organization belonging to a congregation in fellowship with the LCMS. Your membership dues, donations and prayers will be a blessing to the men and women who will be our future pastors and deaconesses. Thank you for considering a membership in the Guild and/or support of the various projects.

An individual membership is $15 and an organization membership (i.e. LWML, ALtar Guild or other LCMS Congregation Group) is $30.

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