What are my options for paying my Seminary bill each quarter?

You must pay your bill each quarter to attend class the next quarter. Bills are due three weeks after the quarter begins. See the Academic Calendar for the specific due dates. Students who do not pay their bills by the published due date will be charged a late payment fee per the Student Bill Payment Policy. For students enrolled only for intensive courses that begin later on in the quarter, your bill is due on the first day the intensive class begins. You must make payments at the CTSFW cashier’s window in the Werner Administration Building. Students can pay by cash, check, or credit card.

Students who want a student loan must have their Direct Loan Offer sheet returned to the CTSFW Financial Aid Office to process the loan. Please allow at least two weeks for a loan to be processed and the loan money to be disbursed to your student account.

One additional payment option is to use the Joyful Response Tuition Payment Plan. Joyful Response is a plan to designate a certain amount to be deducted from your checking or savings account each month for three months during the quarter to pay your seminary bill. The amount you designate will be divided into three equal payments that will automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account on the same day of each month. You must choose an amount that will have your bill paid in full after the third payment is made. Also, it is advisable to select an amount divisible by three. You must submit a Joyful Response Tuition Payment Plan form for each quarter that you want to participate. There is a $25 fee per quarter to participate in this payment plan. The 2021-22 Spring Quarter form is due by Mar. 18, 2022.

The forms for the 2021-22 academic year are due as follows:

Fall – Sept. 10, 2021;

Winter – Dec.3, 2021;

Spring – Mar. 18, 2022.

You must return the original signed form, no faxes or scanned copies, along with a voided check or savings deposit slip attached. After submitting your voided check or savings deposit slip once, you do not need to re-submit them with future forms unless your banking account numbers have changed. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.