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Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne, IN

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Pastors are the tireless shepherds of God’s people, and we don’t know what we’d do without them. They’re the hands that baptize the newborn child in water and Word, the wise counsel to the growing confirmand, the quiet voice at the hospital bedside and the last one standing beside our loved one’s grave. Week in and week out our pastors labor to bring us God’s Word, to give us Christ’s body and blood, and to ensure that we are cared for in so many ways. We are blessed with faithful shepherds who teach, reach and care for us.

Supporting them are the deaconesses, servants of mercy who care for the needs of God’s people. Their selfless dedication to being the hands of Christ reveals His mercy to the world around them in everything they do.

Please take a moment today to email us at TeachReachCare@ctsfw.edu with your story of how your pastor teaches, reaches and cares for you. If your congregation is served by a deaconess, we’d love to hear how she serves through acts of mercy. Send us photos if you have them, and we will share those with your stories on this page. If you’d like to share your comments in a video, put it online (via Dropbox or a similar service) and we’ll post those on the website, too.

Scroll down to read just a few of the amazing stories of how servants formed at CTSFW teach, reach and care for God’s people.

Rev. Jim Dahlke


We give thanks for our pastor–the Rev. Jim Dahlke (CTSFW ’81)–and remember him nightly in our prayers.
A true shepherd, he cares for us in some of the simplest and yet most profound ways. He came to the hospital to baptize our daughter. He delivers us Jesus each week in the Holy Communion. He is always available with a wide smile and a listening ear. He preaches faithfully the sharp Law and the sweet Gospel. He is not above coming to rural farmhouses for supper or inviting farmers with muddy boots into his home. He cares both for his own flock and also looks to the needs of others, serving as a theological educator in other countries.
He is humble and faithful, kind and compassionate. He teaches us to look only to Jesus. He reaches out to those in need with Christ’s mercy and peace. And he cares for anyone the Lord places in his path. We are grateful for all the ways in which our Lord has blessed him . . . and are equally thankful for how the Lord has blessed us by him.

Submitted by Adriane Heins

Rev. Michael Morehouse


My husband and I moved to Tucson, Arizona, 11 years ago. After a couple of years I felt that the Lord was “tapping on my shoulder,” so to speak, to re-engage with His Church. A neighbor introduced me to Catalina Lutheran Church (going from Roman Catholic to Episcopalian, roaming I guess). I attended a service at CLC with my neighbor and there I met Pastor Morehouse and his wife Marty. They are wonderful people. Pastor has been patiently responsive to all my many questions. He is truly dedicated to his calling and the Lord has given him many gifts in this endeavor. I have been a member for some time now and prayed that my husband would join me in worship. Just recently, my husband began attending Bible Study and I am so grateful that Pastor has demonstrated the same patience and understanding with him that was given me. We are looking forward to a long relationship with this congregation!
The congregation at the time was small and now is growing. There has been an addition wherein there is another pastor that shares pastoral duties at this church. Pastor Palmer and his family. He is a young man with seven beautiful children and a sweet wife. In combination both pastors work to provide the Word and Law to this great congregation. Pastor Morehouse has been with this congregation for many years. There are now plans to build a larger church. My fervent prayer is that we can keep the “family” atmosphere that has prevailed thus far. While it is good that the the congregation is growing I have been most impressed with the intimate environment experienced thus far. Pastor has indicated that there will be a smaller area where this will be achieved within the new church. Yay!
There are not enough words to express our joy that there is such a dedicated and caring pastor working as a loving servant of the Lord.
Enough said. God Bless.

Submitted by Maxine Wirth

Rev. Karl Wright


We were not born into a Lutheran family. I and my husband were introduced to the Lutheran church and doctrine through our three sons, they being introduced through Pastor Karl Wright of Trinity Lutheran Church of Alamosa, Colorado. There we found the church home we had sought all our lives. I will be eternally thankful to God, that through the teaching and ministry of Pastor Karl and the church, all 23 of our immediate family are now Lutheran.
When my husband suffered a four-wheeler accident four years ago, Pastor Karl sat beside me in the emergency room and held my hand and prayed with me while the doctor decided what needed to be done to save my husband’s life. He stayed with me until we left to catch the flight for life ride to Denver. The comfort that one action gave me is inexplicable. I will always remember those moments! Following that day the entire Lutheran community, as well as many other of God’s people, have rallied around our family to show God’s love and support!
Our family has been shown first hand, through Pastor Karl, the loving role a pastor plays in God’s service to man.

Submitted by Sandra Cody

Deaconess Carolyn Brinkley


Wow! [Deaconess Brinkley has been] such a blessings to me/us. Your gracious care for us has been thankfully received. Love the icon of Jesus in the boat with His disciples. The Lutheran Witness copies have been snatched up! I taught the Marines to put the crosses that you sent above their heads on the pillow as a reminder they are baptized into Christ.
The CD “The Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer” that you sent is making the rounds. The Marines want to listen to the parts we are chanting in our Vesper Service, especially the Our Father which we added last week. By Holy Week they have asked me to teach them how to chant the Psalms.
What I am trying to say is THANK YOU! You and all at CTSFW who help have blessed us tremendously.

Submitted by Ch. Christensen-26MEU CE Command Chaplain

Rev. Chris Stout

I always have a front row seat to an amazing show–being married to a pastor. I am so thankful that God sends men like my husband to care for His people.
One of our congregations has quite a few members with disabilities. I was struck tonight as I saw my husband gently guiding our blind pianist from the piano bench to a seat near him for his sermon. When he was done preaching, he gently touched her arm and helped her up and guided her back to her seat at the piano. I thought, “This is something to be thankful for…a God who works through the hands of a humble man to serve others. Thanks be to God.”
During the dinner that followed, a woman told me about how she had fallen in the parking lot coming in, and God had been so wonderful to have my husband right there to pick her up and put her back in her wheelchair. A tear rolled down my cheek. God, You have really blessed my family in this place, and You have blessed this place through my husband. I am thankful to You.

Submitted by Kelly Stout