Lutheranism & the Classics VI: Beauty

FORT WAYNE, IN, October 26, 2021—Lutheranism & the Classics VI: Beauty, was an enjoyable and enriching experience for all in attendance. Alongside our overwhelmingly positive guest surveys, Dr. Nordling was keen to express his joy and satisfaction with the conference. “In general, I feel this was the best conference yet, both in terms of the numbers of attendees and the quality of papers presented. Lutheranism & the Classics is a meeting of pastors, Lutheran educators, home-schoolers, and experienced Classics professors. Hence, it was very gratifying to hear ‘the usual suspects’ again (Carl Springer, E. Christian Kopff, Margaret Schatkin, Jane Hettrick, Alden Smith, C.J. Armstrong, Marty Noland, David Maxwell, etc), as well as ‘ripening’ younger scholars who are beginning to take their places in the emerging movement (Christian Preus, Brandon Kobel, Robert Paul, Jeff Hunt). Of course, I am overlooking many who made great and lasting contributions.” 

Topics covered were fascinating as they were vast. Dr. David Coles spoke of using beauty to teach the faith, and Dr. Geoffery R. Boyle talked about the beauty of Lord’s selfless giving to His people. Dr. Jane S. Hettrick played beautiful music as she spoke of the spiritual experience of pieces and “Mozart Among the Theologians.” Dr. James A. Kellerman expounded upon “Creation in Harmony: Cicero, Confucius, and the Limits of Natural Theology.” The conference explored “Beauty in Ugliness,” alongside “Pattern Poems, Ekphrasis, and Ancient Conceptions of Beauty.” From “Iconoclasm and Teaching the Faith” to “Beauty in Music and Harmony.” This well-rounded dive into literature, art, music, philosophy, and theology proved to be as intriguing as it was engaging.

Dr. Nordling also expressed gratitude for the teamwork on campus that helped the event come together, from publicity to execution. “Paul Grime is to be commended for providing outstanding worship for the conference, and Benjamin Mayes for leading both Compline and the concluding Itinerarium in lingua Latina. LeeAnna Rondot was again outstanding in taking care of the speakers and attending to details.”

Plans have not been made yet as to the publication of the papers from the sixth conference on beauty, although papers for conferences four (poetry) and five (philosophy) have been submitted to Brill for publishing, and CTSFW will keep the community posted.

Make plans, mark your calendars, and save your seats—registration is now open for the next conference, Lutheranism & the Classics VII: Humor, taking place on September 28–29, 2023:


Soli Deo Gloria