Upcoming Events at CTSFW—August 2018

Dr. Masaki with his continuing education class at Mount Calvary in Peoria, IL.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTSFW)—Check out the upcoming events offered by Concordia Theological Seminary (CTSFW), 6600 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  For additional information concerning all events please go to www.ctsfw.edu or phone 260.452.2100. Please note that all times for campus events are Eastern Time.


July 23–27
Fort Wayne, Indiana (CTSFW)
Early Christian Mercy to the Secular World (Rev. Chad Kendall)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/fort-wayne-indiana

July 23–25
Gonzales, Louisiana (Saint James Lutheran Church)
Topic: Oswald Bayer as Resource for Pastoral Theology (Dr. John Pless)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/gonzales-louisiana

July 30–August 1
Charlottesville, Virginia (Immanuel Lutheran Church)
1 & 2 Peter (Dr. Dean Wenthe)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/charlottesville-virginia

July 30–August 1
Fergus Falls, Minnesota (Trinity Lutheran Church)
Apologetics for the 21st Century (Dr. Adam Francisco)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/fergus-falls-minnesota

July 30–August 4
Flathead Lake, Montana (Trinity Lutheran Camp)
Gospel of Mark (Dr. James Voelz)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/flathead-lake-montana

August 6–8
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Theology and Church Music (Kantor Richard Resch)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/mechanicsburg-pennsylvania

August 6–10
Albuquerque, New Mexico (Grace Lutheran Church)
What Does It Mean to Be Human? (Dr. K. Detlev Schulz)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/albuquerque-new-mexico

August 8–10
Council Bluffs, Iowa (St. Paul Lutheran Church)
Formula of Concord in the Life of the Church (Dr. Naomichi Masaki)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/council-bluffs-iowa

August 20–24
Denver, Colorado (Trinity Lutheran Church)
The Gospel of Mark: The Mystery of Jesus (Dr. Peter Scaer)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/denver-colorado

August 28–30
Almena, Wisconsin (Saint Matthew Lutheran Church)
The Devotional Use of Psalms (Dr. John Kleinig)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/almena-wisconsin

September 10–12
Fort Wayne, Indiana (CTSFW)
Access to Heaven on Earth in the Divine Service: The Theology of Worship in Hebrews (Dr. John Kleinig)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/fort-wayne-indiana-2

November 14–16
Pensacola, Florida (Camp Dixie in Elberta, AL)
Life of Children in the Church: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (Dr. David Scaer)
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/ctsfw-events/continuing-education/pensacola-florida



Lutheranism & the Classics V: Arguing with the Philosophers
This learning conference will take a look at how Luther and the reformers both dealt with and used the ancient philosophers. To learn more about the keynote speakers, the schedule, and to access the papers that will be featured and presented, click here.
September 27 and 28
Cost: $120 for regular admission; $60 for CCLE registrants; $45 for university students; $30 for high school students; free for CTSFW and CSL students
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/Classics

Luther Hostel: Suffering and the Theology of the Cross
With an emphasis on the 500th anniversary of the Heidelberg Disputation, during this conference we will first acknowledge our suffering and then seek to understand it through the theology of the cross. For with the knowledge that Christ never abandons us, we can see the joy that we have in the midst of suffering.
October 31–November 2
Cost: $200
Register: www.ctsfw.edu/LutherHostel



Christ Academy Confirmation Retreat
Led by an ordained pastor, this weekend retreat is open to students currently receiving confirmation instruction from his or her pastor.
September 28–30
Cost: $110 per person, includes on-campus housing and meals
Register by email at ChristAcademy@ctsfw.edu

Prayerfully Consider Campus Visit
This is an opportunity for second-career and college students to explore and learn more about the Office of Holy Ministry and diakonal service.
October 17–20
Cost: Free; on-campus housing and meals provided
Learn more and register at www.ctsfw.edu/PCV

Christ Academy College
For college students interested in learning more about the vocation of pastor or deaconess, this is an opportunity for participants to attend classes, meet faculty and students, worship in Kramer Chapel, and learn about the scripturally-rich theological education offered at CTSFW.
October 25–28
Cost: Free; on-campus housing and meals provided
Learn more and register at www.ctsfw.edu/CA



Good Shepherd Institute
November 4–6

Advent Preaching Workshop
November 6

34th Annual Symposium on Exegetical Theology
Soaring Like an Eagle: Themes in the Gospel of John
January 15–16, 2019

42nd Annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions
The 500th Anniversary of the Leipzig Debate: The Question of Authority in the Church
January 16–18, 2019